I'm a writer under the pseudonym "Betcher in the Rye," for The Sup, which is the fun and flirty politics/news section of Betches. You can read all my spicy journalistic gold here:

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RIP, Babe.net. You were a sloppy party and I’m still hungover.

I also write celebrity goss and hilarity for the sassy & sexy site, Someecards:

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Reductress is a website run by great women who gave me the rare opportunity to work for free (intern) for a bit. They let me be funny for them still here: 

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Little Old Lady Comedy published my piece on seasonal depression here:

Fall Candle Scents For The Recently Self-diagnosed Seasonally Depressed 

One time a man broke up with me and I wrote this because I'm a very chill and easy breezy gal:

A Break-Up Intervention Staged by the Vermin in My Apartment

Kimberly Dinaro is smart, funny, and she has great hair
— Everyone I've ever dated, worked for, or learned under


If you're interested in reading any of my samples please email me at Kimberadin@gmail.com!