Get Out There

Before you click Create, check out our blog tips.

This Blog Page is perfect for making announcements and writing about things that interest you. You can connect with your visitors on a more personal level and keep them in the loop about what you’re up to. A blog also helps with your website’s SEO, which increases the likelihood of visitors finding you from search engine results. Learn more.

Blogs in Squarespace are organized in a two-part hierarchy: Blog Pages and then individual blog posts. Bedford displays multiple posts in a blog list, which can show the full post or short excerpts. Clicking on a post title or thumbnail opens the individual blog post in its own page.

You can delete this page or replace it with your own content by clicking on the Blog Page in the Pages panel. You should replace all demo content (images, copy, etc.) in the template with your own to really make your mark on the web. Learn more about how demo content works here.

You can also add multiple Blog Pages to your site. For example, you may want to keep corporate news separate from more personal updates.